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Nobody wants to be bothered by a clutter of waste and rubbish, but sometimes it just happens to build up. That's why we offer specialized junk & debris removal, demolition services, and cleanouts for homes, rentals, storage units, apartments, and more at Junk Doctor. Being masters of our craft, our commitment to ...

Expert Demolition Services

Taking demolition work into your own hands can be extremely dangerous. Whether you’re looking to bring down an adjoining or heavy outside wall, our demolition experts use a range of modern and heavy-duty equipment to safely demolish and dismantle without causing further damage to your property. We also respect ...


Junk & Debris Removal

Junk & Debris Removal

Junk Removal

Do you need to get rid of some stuff after you've moved or perhaps just did some DIY at home and is probably in need of someone to come …
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Derbis Removal

A service called debris removal removes several kinds of debris from a site. Property insurance plans frequently cover debris removal …
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Medical Equipment Removal

Medical Equipment Removal
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